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C. Virtual Colonoscopy Reveals Disease Outside of the Colon
trong>Narrator: This is Science Today. Virtual colonoscopy, a new radiology technique that uses a CAT scan to less invasively study the colon, also reveals diseases outside of the colon. Dr. Judy Yee, chief of radiology at the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center , led the study.

Yee: Some of the things that we identified were lung nodules, because we do scan at the base of the lungs. We did find some lung cancers, some kidney cancers, liver masses and splenic lesions as well.

Narrator: Because patients tested in this study were not symptomatic for these other problems, Yee says they were able to identify disease outside of the colon at an earlier stage, when it is more curable.

Yee: I think that we need to perform additional cost-effectiveness analyses, probably in a larger number of patients. Our patient cohort included only males because we were dealing with the veteran population. So, looking at it in women would be important as well, so it would include in women, for example, the uterus and the ovaries.

Narrator: For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.