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  A. A Call for Action to Remedy Mold Growth in Buildings

Narrator: This is Science Today. While there’s been a lot of research and public awareness about mold growth in damp buildings and its impact on respiratory health, there hasn’t been a lot of documentation on the health benefits of mold remediation.

Fisk: But we know enough today that we can try to reduce this problem without knowing more about it. We have enough knowledge that we think it’s time to move forward to take some actions.

Narrator: Bill Fisk, the head of the Indoor Environment Department at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, says some of those actions could be education programs.

Fisk: We’d like to see better education and training for people who design and construct buildings. We’d like to see a greater public awareness of the importance of dampness problems and we think with greater public awareness, homeowners, for example, should understand that they really shouldn’t tolerate dampness problems in buildings. And when they have mold, they should have it removed. They shouldn’t tolerate these conditions because they do pose a health risk.

Narrator: For Science Today, I’m Larissa Branin.