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† D. The Largest Ethanol-Powered Fleet in California

Narrator: This is Science Today. Ethanol is an alternative fuel produced from agricultural bio-mass products such as corn or soybean and itís being used to power 60 vehicles at the University of California-managed Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Dan Prestella, the Labís fleet operations supervisor, says this makes their onsite motor pool the largest ethanol-powered fleet in the Golden State.

Prestella: This station has been about three years in the making. We put in for a grant through the DOE in early 2002 and we were able to get enough funds to do this and we identified ethanol as our product of choice to meet our alternative fuel vehicle requirements.

Narrator: Prestella explains that an executive order asked all federal agencies to make sure that 75% of their replacement vehicles use alternative fuel to reduce air emissions.

Prestella: We have this above ground, four thousand gallon ethanol tank and what it does is it feeds one of our new pumps. A customer drives up to the pump in an ethanol powered vehicle, inserts a key into a card reader, punches in the mileage and then they pump just as you would at a normal gas station.

Narrator: For Science Today, Iím Larissa Branin.