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B. American Troops Benefit from Gun Truck Armor Kits

Narrator:            This is Science Today. Gun truck armor kits developed by researchers and engineers at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory are providing convoy protection for American troops in Iraq . Milton Finger, a senior scientist at the Lab, says the kits they designed have modular panels that can fit any truck, anywhere.
Finger:            And it has a great deal of flexibility, so if for any reason, things have to be modified or changed real time, its a simple matter of un-bolting and re-bolting them. So it isn't customized in the sense that it only fits one truck, it is a universal design.
Narrator:            So far, 31 gun trucks have been outfitted with these armor protection kits and there's an order for 85 more. Finger says they've proven to be very successful with the troops and have already saved lives.
Finger:            You work on things and some things have a way of finding their way into the system one way or another, but nothing has instantaneously gratifying as this, where you get immediate feedback from people whose lives have been saved. And that's quite different.
Narrator:            For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.