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E. Combat Simulation Technology Applied to Homeland Security

Narrator:This is Science Today. Using a computer code originally developed for combat simulation, researchers at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory are now applying the same technology to homeland security. The program is called Analytical Conflict and Tactical Simulation, or ACATS, and it's an offshoot of the Lab's Joint Conflict and Tactical Simulation, or JCATS, which is used by the military.

Greenwalt: ACATS is a simulation where you have people, vehicles, that can move around in a real environment using real terrain on a computer and they can train, they can rehearse, they can try out different ideas to try to solve a problem like a terrorist attack on a facility.

Narrator: Bob Greenwalt is deputy director of the JCATS project and says the technology has already been successfully tested in Seattle and the state of Alabama.

Greenwalt: It's an opportunity-rich environment and the biggest problem we have is building our staff up large enough to continue to meet a whole bunch of people's needs that we never dreamed would come here asking for it.

Narrator: For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.