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† The goals of UCís One Health Center


Narrator:          This is Science Today. Understanding the global and species-spanning nature of illness was one of the goals of a recent conference that brought together hundreds of physicians and veterinarians. This one-a-kind conference was co-sponsored by the One Health Center, which is part of the University of California's Global Health Institute. UC Davis veterinarian Patricia Conrad is co-director of One Health.

Conrad:            One Health is a concept and it's approach to health that takes into consideration the very close relationship between humans, animals, both wild and domestic and the environment that they share. So, rather than just considering human health in isolation, we take into consideration the animals that they live with, that they're in contact with, the animal food products that they eat. And also with the environmental conditions, the quality of the air, the land use changes, all of these things that affect both human health and animal health.

Narrator:          For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.