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Veterinarians, physicians compare notes at one-of-a-kind conference


Narrator:          This is Science Today. In one of the first conferences of its kind, about 200 physicians and veterinarians got together to learn from each other and compare diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to their patients. Called the "Zoobiquity" conference, the event was held at the Los Angeles Zoo and was organized in part by two University of California campuses.

Osburn:            The Zoobiquity conference is an opportunity for the medical community and veterinary community to come together and really look at common diseases, common illnesses that occur both in animals and in humans and find better ways in which we can facilitate addressing some of these different disease issues.

Narrator:          Bennie Osburn, dean of the University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine, along with physicians from UCLA's School of Medicine, met with others in their field.

Osburn:            This opens up a new way in which we can share information, particularly with infectious diseases and even some of the cancers.

Narrator:          For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.