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An integrated teaching and learning center

Hi, I'm Kevin Souza, I'm the assistant dean for medical education at UC San Francisco. And today we're here at the opening of the new teaching and learning center, which is a new educational facility that was funded by California Proposition 1D.

We use these funds to develop a teaching and learning center that supports the training of our of our health professions students so that we can provide better health care throughout the state of California.

Sandrijn van Schaik, Education Director, UCSF Kanbar Center: The teaching and learning center it's really geared towards interprofessional education and integrating technology into education for all of our health care professionals students.

The Kanbar center, which is a part of the teaching and learning center, is mostly focused on simulation and clinical skills as well as telemedicine education.

Kevin Souza:    And this is where students from all of our health professions schools: dentistry, nursing, pharmacy and medicine, can learn the skills that they would need to conduct telemedicine interviews, examinations, or to work with the consulting physician.

Amin Azzam, Health Sciences Assistant Clinical Professor, UCSF: What we're excited about our courses that -- we call them integrated exercises because they're really bringing together the clinical skills of the bedside doctoring communication and physicals exam skills, with the classroom-based medical knowledge content. So the innovation is really combining those two components.

Jennifer, UCSF graduate student: The really exciting thing of that there is just more space for students, and it's functional space. There are great computers and there's also these great simulation rooms that students can come and practice their clinical skills in.

Kevin Souza:    Our center will also be linked up with the other academic health centers to provide a telemedicine network for the state. At UCSF our PRIME program focuses on training students in urban-underserved health. And they can do some of that in these new classrooms.


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