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E. Do Adults Needing Assistance with Daily Activities Get Enough Help?
trong>Narrator:                    This is Science Today.  A University of California, San Francisco study examined how many of the nations 3.3 million adults, who need assistance with activities essential to daily living, are not having their needs met. Mitch LaPlante, a professor of social and behavioral sciences, says their study is the first to estimate how many additional hours of help people need.
LaPlante:            Ninety-three percent of people's needs seem to be met in terms of how many hours of help they receive, but it's evident as well that even a small amount of unmet need can be a devastating situation for someone to be in because it's associated with people falling, losing weight, getting dehydrated and not being comfortable with how they're living.
Narrator:            LaPlante says they used a large national survey to conduct the study.
LaPlante:            So its statistically very powerful and this survey, it was interesting because people were asked how many hours of help they actually get, so we can compare the hours of help that people get between those who say that their needs are met and those who say their needs are not met.
Narrator:            For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.