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Viticulturalists benefit from having own vineyards


Narrator:           This is Science Today. In the heart of the grape-growing region in California's San Joaquin Valley, researchers at the Kearney Agricultural Center are working to improve the quality and yield of wine grapes. Viticulturist Matthew Fidelibus of the University of California, Davis, says they're able to grow and evaluate grapes grown in their own vineyard.

Fidelibus:           I think the value of having our own vineyards here at Kearney is that we have complete control over the vineyards so we're doing things in a very uniform way. We know what's been put onto the grapes, we know how they've been managed.

Narrator:            Fidelibus says they have planted and are studying many different classic wine grape varieties.

Fidelibus:           And so what we've been trying to go through them as systematically as we can and compare them to like an industry standard selection. New selections that come to the U.S., we will evaluate them; their viticultural characteristics; how much fruit do they produce?  How many berries does each cluster have?  How compact is that berry? Is the fruit sound?  We're also looking at the chemical composition of the fruit.