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† The mystery of Jupiterís disappearing stripe


Narrator:            This is Science Today. Astronomers have an unprecedented opportunity to observe a mysterious phenomenon that occurs on the planet Jupiter, in which one of its dark brown stripes disappears. Imke de Pater, a professor and chair of the astronomy department at the University of California, Berkeley, explains that last spring, amateur astronomers noticed that one of Jupiter's stripes was fading out. And now, it's regaining its color.

de Pater:            So, now we could look at this phenomenon when it was reviving, but also actually just after it had faded away and really do a detailed study of what may be going on.

Narrator:            de Pater says this will give astronomers insight into our own planet.

de Pater:            By studying Jupiter and these phenomena, in a way you sort of can compare it with greenhouse warming, etc. on our planet. And so you learn a lot more about these phenomena by studying these other planets. So, it's comparative planetology in a sense.

Narrator:            For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.