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Growing interest in health of food, agriculture industries


Narrator:            This is Science Today. In the last decade, there's been increased national interest among policymakers and consumers, in the quality of the food we eat. Not just what it is, but where it comes from. Gail Feenstra, a food systems analyst at the University of California, Davis's Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program, says it's not just about individual health.

Feenstra:            It goes far beyond that. I think it goes into health of the land. Our choices really do impact how environmentally sound our farming systems are and also, health of communities in terms of money re-circulating in communities and supporting other food and ag industries. If we're buying locally or regionally, then the community has more control of those resources, it doesn't get siphoned off, so there's a lot of reasons that are all under the big heading of health, but it goes out in concentric circles and I think all of that's important.

Narrator:            For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.