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E. Fluorescent Lighting Saves Energy ... and Money

Narrator: This is Science Today. A new generation of more efficient homes is part of an effort to meet state and federal energy-conservation requirements. In newly built or remodeled homes, these requirements include the installation of fluorescent lighting in certain areas of the home. Michael Siminovitch, a lighting specialist at the University of California, Davis, says many homeowners have been resistant to fluorescent technology.

Siminovitch: And I think this is really lessons of the past, where we've seen problems with flicker, poor color and cost issues. And a lot of these problems are in the process of going away.

Narrator: With these former problems getting resolved, homeowners can look forward to the fact that fluorescents last so much longer than incandescents.

Siminovitch: You can either screw in an compact fluorescent into an existing Edison socket and you're looking at spending five, ten, fifteen dollars per lamp, which is significantly more expensive than incandescent

Narrator: But, Siminovitch says fluorescent lighting will pay for itself in two to four years. For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.