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Wireless sensor technology for data centers

Raju Pandey, CTO, SynapSense/Computer Scientist, UC Davis:
SynapSense is a wireless company and it's an instrumentation and control company and currently we are using wireless technology to optimize data centers for energy efficiency. SynapSense builds these devices and these devices can sense certain kinds of modalities. For instance, we can sense temperature, we can sense humidity, we can sense current, we can sense power.

So, the idea is we take these devices and we'll go to a data center and we'll deploy these devices at different parts of the data center and then we will start to measure different aspects of the data center, as to how cold the data center is, as to how hot it is. Is the air going where it should be going, how much power is being used by the data center itself?

And once we have all of this information, then we can use that to figure out what part of the data centers are optimized with respect to the cooling and power resources that it's using. Once we have that information, we can start to figure out how we should optimize the data center, so that it uses the most optimal amount of energy.

We have two sets of interactions with UC labs. The first one is LBNL and LBNL is a great resource for us. we deploy our systems in their main data center. They are at the forefront of whatever we do. In fact, our first deployment usually goes to the LBNL place and we will deploy our system there and we get incredible feedback from the LBNL community.

David Edgar, IT specialist/LBNL: Before we had Synapsense involved in our data center evaluation, we actually thought we had maxed out the room, that we couldn't add any more equipment because we didn't have enough air conditioning to cover the heat.  After getting Synapsense involved, we made some improvements that actually allowed us to add 200 kilowatts more load and we are actually turning off air conditioners. 

Raju Pandey: There are incredible research assets in different UC's and they are waiting to come out and they are waiting to have a large impact on the society. And I think we really - it's our job - it's our duty to put an effort and reach out to these assets and bring them out here at a product.