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Cosmology center tackles fundamental questions


Narrator:        This is Science Today. Cosmologists at the University of California, Irvine's Center for Cosmology are trying to tackle some of the oldest and longstanding questions in science ... and humanity.

Bullock:          Questions like how old is the universe? How big is the universe? What is it made of? These are really the questions we're trying to answer.

Narrator:        James Bullock, who directs the center, is an associate professor of physics and astronomy who studies galaxy formation.

Bullock:          One of the things we do that I think is fairly unique, is we unite a group of people who study a vast array of things, but with one common goal. We have astronomers to study the properties of the large-scale universe and we have particle physicists to try to understand what the fundamental constituents of nature are. And what's unique here is that these two questions are actually united under common goals. In order to really understand the evolution of the universe, we need to understand how it's made up on its smallest scales and only by uniting these people in a common cause can we actually make progress and I think we're doing that.

Narrator:        For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.