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Ultraviolet technology for swimming pools?


Narrator: This is Science Today. An ultraviolet technology called UltraV, which is currently being tested as a disinfection system at wastewater treatment plants, may also someday help consumers in their backyard. Bassam Younis, a professor of fluid mechanics at the University of California, Davis, says UltraV could also be used to disinfect swimming pools.

Younis: It would work exactly as chlorine does — there is one difference between chlorine and UV light and that is, chlorine has longer lasting effect in a sense that when you put chlorine in the water and it stays in there, so there are benefits and there are disadvantages for this — the benefits is that the water is protected against re-infection.

Narrator: The disadvantages are that chlorine may react with some organic material in the water and produce harmful by-products.

Younis: I think at the last count, something like 600 by-products of chlorine interaction with organic material and water had been identified.

Narrator: For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.