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Testing fuel-efficient stoves for use in Haiti


Narrator:    This is Science Today. The same researcher who helped create fuel efficient stoves for refugees in Darfur is now testing the fuel efficiency of stoves being distributed in Haiti after the country's devastating earthquake earlier this year.

Gadgil:     We are trying to help figure out what is the best set of fuel-efficient stoves that should be taken to Haiti in the reconstruction effort. There are close to a hundred non-profit organizations actively trying to distribute stoves in Haiti, but they don't have any ability to test which stoves are fuel efficient and we have offered to do that.

Narrator:    Ashok Gadgil is a researcher at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and has been working with teacher interns, who are part of a Department of Energy-funded training program, to conduct these tests.

Gadgil:       Teacher interns, who are working here this summer, are participating in testing different stoves, so that we will be able to provide a reliable, credible, scientifically defensible metric of how different stoves perform.

Narrator:    For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.