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Program focuses on teaching science educators to become researchers


Narrator:    This is Science Today. The U.S. Department of Energy sponsors teacher training summer programs at its national laboratories to provide K-14 teachers with professional development, which they can then pass on to their students. Susan Brady, director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's Center for Science & Engineering Education says their program focuses on having teachers become researchers themselves.

Brady:    They do an eight-week program where they are actually paired with a mentor, they do a project that's actually doing research and then we have weekly meetings that help them to transfer that experience to the classroom.

Narrator:    Brady says that the Berkeley Lab is a multi-disciplinary national laboratory.

Brady:     The advantage of doing research at the national laboratories is that it's really a team approach, so there are teams of scientists, engineers, technicians and other staff all trying to solve problems and we think that that's a really good model for teachers to take back to their classrooms.

Narrator:    For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.