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Phase two of a study on early warning system for earthquakes

Narrator:    This is Science Today. Seismologists at the University of California, Berkeley are working on phase two of an early warning system for earthquakes in the state of California. Richard Allen, associate director of the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory, says this part of their three-year effort is to build a prototype system to provide warning to a small group of end users.

Allen:    We're looking for a small group of maybe about 10 users that we can work with in this phase two of the project. We're looking for people from the broad range of the user environment, so perhaps from transportation systems, rail system, road systems, airports, school districts. So, we could potentially provide warnings in schools and also manufacturing facilities and other chemical facilities, for example, so we can begin to get some experience of how this information can most effectively put to use.

Narrator:    How the system will be finally implemented is not yet clear, but Allen says that's part of the prototype — to understand who would use it and how they would use it. For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.