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Polymer solar cells with higher efficiency

Yang Yang, Professor of Materials Science & Engineering, UCLA:  
So our technology being light-weight and probably also flexible, which will completely change the way the solar cell is being established so far.  And it could be poster, called solar poster.  It could be a poster outside of a house or outside of a building and then collect the solar energy away, not seen by traditional silicone solar panels.

This is not our technology but yet, but this is in the future, this will be our product that looks similar to this one but in different colors so we can actually fabricate different colors so that it depends on the outside of the building, then one can chose the solar poster of their choice.

This technology could actually bring the solar cell and solar energy to a much more spread out to our daily life including automobiles and other things that are not being considered now.

Currently in our lab in our star companies, Solarmer Energy, we have reached about eight percent power conversion efficiency.  That has been done in the past two years so I believe that we should be able to reach 15 percent, give us another few more years, that should be a reasonable target to be achieved.

I think the fact that Solarmer Energy license or technology is tremendous. I truly believe this technology has huge potential for both the consumer as well as society.