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† The nationís first lighting controls graduate program

    This is Science Today. Next-generation lighting designers, architects and contractors are being trained at the California Lighting Technology Center at the University of California, Davis. Director Michael Siminovitch says the center has the first lighting controls graduate program in the country.

Siminovitch:    We look at feeding and helping the lighting marketplace. Our students go out and work there. Also, we have a lot of people who are new graduates from our engineering programs and from design programs who work here for two or three years and then they go off and get energy efficiency jobs in lighting. So, we help at that end.

Narrator:    Siminovitch explains that the center's successful model is built around industry partnerships and it serves as a living laboratory, where innovative, energy-efficient lighting products are on view or in development.

Siminovitch:    We're interested in solving real problems today — we have real technologies that are going out the door and we're shipping them to sites and we're developing and working. It's an exciting time for this kind of thing.

Narrator:    For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.