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B. Journey to the Center of the Earth

Narrator: This is Science Today. Physicists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have developed a technique to journey to the center of the Earth. Jeffrey Nguyen explains there's obviously no physical way of doing this, but what you can do is generate conditions that are similar to that at the core of the Earth.

Nguyen: What we have done is we used a two-stage gas gun by launching a projectile up to eight kilometers per second and at that velocity, you can generate conditions exceeding that at the center of the Earth and for a brief moment in time a couple of nanoseconds the conditions inside the center of the Earth is obtained and you do your measurement in that short period of time.

Narrator: The projectile that Nguyen and his colleagues used is a piece of metal shaped like a coin that is very light on one side and heavy on the other.

Nguyen: And so what you can do essentially is start out where we are on the surface of the Earth and essentially push our way straight through the pressure that's equivalent to where it is in the center or the Earth.