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The design of energy efficient buildings

This is Science Today. When it comes to the application of solar energy technologies, the University of California, San Diego is on the cutting edge. Electrical and computer engineer, Ed Yu, who is also the associate director of the campus' Center for Energy Research, says in addition to the basic energy technologies, there are groups looking into issues such as how to design very energy efficient buildings.

Yu:      So, that includes things like how you situate them, how you design the heating and ventilation in airflow systems - perhaps things like integrating solar cells with windows and things like that. And those ordinarily wouldn't be things that we would look at in our own research, but having organizations such as the Center for Energy Research, such as Cal-IT2 and so forth that allow people who are working on these very different kinds of activities to come together, I think will be important in really realizing the broad vision of development of solar energy technologies and integration of those technologies into energy generation systems and everyday lives generally.

Narrator:        For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.