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† A. An Unpecedented Effort to Understand Ecosystems off the California Coast

Narrator: This is Science Today. Building on a half century of research, scientists at the University of California, San Diegoís Scripps Institution of Oceanography are working on an unprecedented effort to uncover the mechanisms of ecosystems off Californiaís coast. Mark Ohman, a professor of biological oceanography, is leading the newly established California Current Ecosystem site.

Ohman: This is part of the long-term ecological research network of the National Science Foundation Ė and the pre-existing sites are almost all terrestrial sites. Now the NSF has decided to fund some ocean sites, permitting us to relate the ecological processes in the ocean that are acting on terrestrial ecosystems as well.

Narrator: A better understanding of coastal ecosystems will lead to better management of living and non-living resources.

Ohman: The California Current also helps modulate climate systems for the Western U.S., so itís important to the weather patterns that we experience.

Narrator: For Science Today, Iím Larissa Branin.