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Lab helps to increase fuel efficiency in semi-trucks

This is Science Today. The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is collaborating with research and industry partners to develop and test new devices that reduce the aerodynamic drag of semi-trucks. Lab director George Miller says this could increase fuel efficiency by 12 percent.

George Miller:           12 percent may not sound like very much. On the other hand, 12 percent is 3.4 billion gallons of diesel fuel - equivalent to about 10 billion dollars saved every year. And it's also the equivalent of 36 million tons of CO2 going into the world's atmosphere.

Narrator:       Kambiz Salari, a fluid dynamics researcher at the lab says they're using advanced computational fluid dynamics codes to identify critical drag producing regions around semi-trucks.

Kambiz Salari:           Our role is basically to understand the technology and we do that typically by doing a lot of computational work and to understand the flow physics around the vehicle and then, given that knowledge, we design devices that reduce aerodynamic drag.

Narrator:       For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.