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C. Promoting the Use of Combined Heat and Power

Narrator: This is Science Today. What if all the mini-malls in the United States joined together to dramatically improve our country's energy situation? It's visions like this that have inspired a collaboration between The U.S. Department of Energy and three California universities that will promote the use of Combined Heat and Power among small businesses. Professor Daniel Kammen of the University of California, Berkeley, explains.

Kammen: Usually the issue is that there is a mini-mall somewhere or a neighborhood that has a little power plant that they're operating already and there is waste heat that is not being captured, but you can also find ways to capture that heat.

Narrator: The Combined Heat and Power mandate will educate local industries on how to capture waste heat and how to install cleaner burning, higher efficiency alternatives.

Kammen: If we could for example convert a quarter of the businesses in California and the Western states that we are responsible for in the Center, to some version of Combined Heat and Power, that's a potential huge savings for the country in terms of energy, for the businesses in terms of power and then very directly a big savings in the amount of green house gases that get emitted from these operations.

Narrator: For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.