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† B. A New Generation of MRI Scanners

Narrator: This is Science Today. Thereís a new generation of MRI scanners referred to as interventional MRI units. These are used not only for their high quality imaging to help diagnose disease, but also to facilitate procedures to treat those diseases. Dr. Phillip Starr, a professor of neurosurgery at the University of California, San Francisco, is using interventional MRI to perform deep brain stimulation surgery, or DBS, to help control symptoms in patients with Parkinsonís disease.

Starr: We felt it makes sense to improve DBS surgery by performing it directly within an MRI scanner, so that we can use the high quality MR images to see the brain target to advance the DBS electrode to the target under direct, continuous visualization with MR imaging.

Narrator: The procedure is currently being used in clinical trial.

Starr: Any new surgical technique is best considered an investigational technique.

Narrator: For Science Today, Iím Larissa Branin.