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Analyzing community food systems

This is Science Today. Consumer interest in food production systems continues to rise, partially due to recent food-borne illnesses and recalls. But there's also more interest in sustainability. At the University of California, Davis, Gail Feenstra is a community food systems analyst with the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program.

Feenstra:        My part of the program is to look more at marketing programs, consumer education, food security issues, trying to find ways to connect low-income or any consumer with local or regional growers...especially those that are trying to grow food in a more environmentally responsible way.

Narrator:        One of the national programs that Feenstra is involved with is the Farm to School project.

Feenstra:        Getting fresh regional, sustainably grown food into school cafeterias, so that the kids know where the food is grown and it's fresh and it's something that they really can enjoy.

Narrator:        For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.