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E. Everyday Activities May Help Increase Exercise Levels

Narrator: This is Science Today. Fighting the battle of the bulge is a matter of controlling not just what we eat, but how active we are. A recent study conducted by Gladys Block, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley's School of Public Health, suggests that the current obesity trend may have its basis in the lack of activity in our everyday lives. According to Block, adding small amounts of exercise into daily activities may be they key for today's busy lifestyles.

Block: Take the stairs instead of taking the elevator, go to a restaurant for lunch that's a fifteen minute walk away so that you get a half an hour of physical activity in your lunch break.

Narrator: Block also suggests that changes at a societal level may be required to help reverse America's expanding waistline.

Block: We as individuals need to do something ourselves but we need the help of societal programs and regulations that will make it feasible and possible to do that.

Narrator: For Science Today I'm Larissa Branin.