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Finding mobile ways for asthma patients to get better care

This is Science Today. Asthma patients who underwent self-management education interventions were able to dramatically improve lung function. But clinical pulmonary specialist, Susan Janson, of the University of California, San Francisco says one of the findings of their study is that the health care system is difficult for patients with chronic disease to maneuver through.

Janson:           They can't get an appointment when they need one and the health care system is designed to focus on acute illness and not on chronic illness, so we reaffirmed that for sure. It's not because people don't care - it's because the system is very difficult for both clinicians to control and for patients to find their way through it.

Narrator:        Janson says there needs to be better access and she is focusing on trying to find mobile ways for patients to get this access.

Janson:           This is the day and age of cell phones, right? So, we should be able to make an application that would support the asthma self-management. Either we test it to see first, we'll give it to you and we'll reinforce you or maybe we can just give it to you on the phone.

Narrator:        For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.