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Horses benefit from a stem cell laboratory

This is Science Today. Every year, thousands of horses suffer from bone, tendon and ligament injuries.

Owens:           If you go across the spectrum of horses, it is probably the number one training-related and use-related injury that horse owners see.

Narrator:       Sean Owens is the director of the Regenerative Medicine Laboratory at the University of California, Davis. This new facility, one of only four such university-based veterinary stem cell labs in the nation, is designed to provide stem cells to treat horses for these types of injuries. Gregory Ferraro, director of UC Davis' Center for Equine Health, explains the difference in terms of treatment.

Ferraro:         We were able to heal tendons before, but we healed them with scar tissue. What we are doing with stem cells is healing that tissue with natural tissue. So, we are recreating the damaged tissues in a natural way. That's the big difference.

Narrator:       The Regenerative Medicine Laboratory will provide services to clients and referring veterinarians. For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.