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Wii for Parkinson's patients

Narrator: From a very young age, Glenna Dowling -- the department chair of physiological nursing at UCSF - seemed destined for a career in medicine.
Dowling: "I always knew from the time I was little that I wanted to be a professional ...I was the one in 8th grade who brought the sheep brains home.. ...older people.....and the brain... about the brain. Older people have always been important.... view older people differently."

Narrator: And one way she is doing by modifying a popular video help her patients stay active and independent.

Dowling: "A lot of the people that I deal with clinically and in research have Parkinson's risk for falling... balance... We recently received some NIH funding to adapt the Nintendo Wii platform to develop a series of games so that people can do it whenever they want; they don't have to leave home. We'd like to develop a dual player version eventually, so that people could play with their grandkids or their partners or whatever.

Narrator:   At UCSF's Mission Bay campus, I'm Shipra Shukla.