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E. Surgical Technology that Improves Performance and Patient Safety

Narrator: This is Science Today. The new UCLA Center for Advanced Surgical and Interventional Technology, or CASIT, is increasing safety in the operating room with advancements in virtual imaging and robotic surgery. Dr. Carlos Gracia, the co-director of CASIT, explains how surgical imaging technology is improving performance and patient safety.

Gracia:You take your patient's CAT Scan, you put it through a software program that creates your patient's virtual world in front of a monitor on the robot, and now you're actually rehearsing, practicing, preparing the operation on your patient-not just some generic, computer world.

Narrator: Gracia says this imaging technology allows the surgeon to program in "danger zones," such as areas where there might be critical blood vessels, making it impossible for the instrument to enter those places.

Gracia: That has great implications for patient's safety and for training. Doctors will be able to map out a safety area-a zone of safety where a student doctor or surgeon would be able to operate safely.

Narrator: For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.