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The California Solar Energy Collaborative

The University of California, San Diego is teaming up with UC Davis to form a new, statewide Solar Energy Collaborative to expand the development and use of solar energy in California. The effort was made possible by a two-year, 700 thousand dollar grant from the California Energy Commission.

David Weil - Director, UCSD Bldg Commissioning & Sustainability:    What that'll do is it will offer a springboard for new solar research. Many of our researchers here on campus are doing research in ways of improving photovoltaics and solar power, so we'll be able to incorporate that, possibly get some grant money through that program to help our researchers and other researchers. Really, a solar collaborative will be a place for all researchers in the state, if you will, to come and collaborate as the saying say...

Narrator:        The Solar Energy Collaborative will be co-led by electrical engineer Ed Yu, who is the associate director of UC San Diego's Center for Energy Research.

Ed Yu - Associate Director, UCSD Center for Energy Research:      So, the Center for Energy Research has a very broad mission and it includes not just solar energy, but research on combustion, research on nuclear fusion and so forth. So, my part of it is focused primarily on solar energy. But I think it is very important and the Center for Energy Research is one of the things that provides this; to have some broad umbrella organizations that allow many different aspects of energy research to be brought together so that one can have useful interactions among people who are doing different kinds of things.