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A. Why Husbands May Want to Do More Housework

Narrator: This is Science Today. Husbands take note - men who help their wives out with housework and childcare are likely to have better behaved children, not to mention spouses who find them more sexually attractive. Sociologist John Coltrane and his colleagues at the University of California, Riverside examined data from a national survey to support these findings.

Coltrane: We were particularly focused on the fathers and what they do with their children because frankly, men don't do much housework with their kids and when they do, we reasoned that it would have considerable impact.

Narrator: In fact, Coltrane found that those kids were more cooperative in their classroom, rated by their teachers as having more friends and getting along better with their peers.

Coltrane: So the picture seems to be that there is a cooperative family dynamic when fathers do housework with the kids that carries into their social world.

Narrator: Coltrane says this cooperation is not only a model of partnership parenting, but of partnership marriages, which he says bodes well for the survival of marriage in the future. For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.