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C. An Incentive to Buy a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle

Narrator: This is Science Today. Most people's largest purchase, after their home, is their car-but on average, people only use their car one hour a day. That's why Daniel Kammen of the Energy Resources Group at the University of California, Berkeley, recommends people consider buying a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, which can earn you cash back during those other twenty-three hours.

Kammen: If you can drive your car to work, the fuel cell powered car to work, and leave it running while you're at work and sell electricity back to the grid, now you've got a neat vehicle to grid power source. And most people are at work during mid-afternoon, that's when the price of power goes up the most, because that's when the demand is highest, and that's when you are at work, but your car can be generating power. You then get in your car, drive home, and then leave the car turned on essentially and then run your home off of it.

Narrator: Kammen says taking your power source around with you works in conjunction with another progressive trend their group is working on that's called onsite generation with microgrids. For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.