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B. Community Supported Agriculture

Narrator: This is Science Today. Gail Feenstra, a food systems expert at the University of California, Davis, is promoting the concept of CSAs -- community supported agriculture. It's actually a form of subscription farming, where a group of consumers pay a farmer up front for weekly deliveries of produce. Consumers get a reliable source of fresh food, and farmers get ready cash.

Feenstra: It's set up so that both consumers and farmers are taking the risk, and they both benefit from the bounty of the arrangement.

Narrator: Besides giving farmers a measure of financial security, Feensta says that CSAs give city folks a better sense of where their food is coming from.

Feenstra: Its an opportunity for consumers to get to know who's growing their food and for farmers to get to know who they're selling it to, so it's a direct marketing arrangement that really brings both parties closer to each other.

Narrator: More than that, says Feenstra, CSAs re-establish a sense of community. For Science Today, I'm Steve Tokar.