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C. Teenaged Vegetarians are on the Rise

Narrator: This is Science Today. Health care studies indicate that more and more of our nation's teenagers are becoming vegetarians. Nutrition expert Joanne Ikeda of the University of California, Berkeley says while their diets are, on average, better than those of their non-vegetarian peers, maintaining a balanced diet can be challenging.

Ikeda: Nutrients that teenaged vegetarians are most apt to be at risk for are calcium, iron and vitamin B12, so the teens need to make sure that they're eating things like tofu processed with calcium sulfate or they're drinking calcium-fortified soymilk or calcium-fortified orange juice.

Narrator: With a plant-based diet, vitamin supplementation is strongly encouraged.

Ikeda: We recommend that people supplement their diets with what's called a vegetarian support formula. This has a very active source of vitamin B12.

Narrator: For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.