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A Real-Time, Advanced Mobile Radiation Detector

Narrator:    This is Science Today. The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory along with the University of California, Berkeley Space Sciences Lab and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, have developed an advanced radiation detection system called the Large Area Imager. John Valentine, Program Leader of the Livermore Lab's Detection Technologies, says this detector can be carried in a trailer to detect illegal nuclear materials.

Valentine:    Potentially, it could be used in a cargo container yard at a point-of-entry. The prototype that is mounted in a fifteen foot trailer consists of two arrays of detectors down the middle of the trailer so that as a vehicle drives down the street, it's looking to the left and to the right for sources. There is then a laptop computer that sits in the front seat that the passenger would basically be monitoring as the vehicle drives around that gives a real time analysis and locations of sources as the vehicle drives around.

    For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.