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Confucius Institute Brings Tai Chi to UCLA


Voiceover, Tai Chi Master: Exhale, inhale...

Susan Pertel Jain, Director, UCLA Confucius Institute: As someone who works here at the university, the idea of being able to come in the morning just to be on this beautiful campus, being able to sort of relax your body and get your mind into a really quiet and relaxed state; having a little bit of culture and language learning happening, it seemed like it was a win-win-win situation on many sides.

Voiceover, Tai Chi Master: And turn ...

Susan Pertel Jain: The role of the Confucius Institute is to support China-related programming that's happening here, work with other units on campus to help get the word out about their programs. There's a lot of work happening here, that has been happening a long time on campus which is China-related and then there's other departments on campus where they're just beginning to get into the China area and we want to help facilitate their work and to partner with other units across campus as well as into the community.

Zong Jianmei, Tai Chi Master: (Voiceover) Exhale, stomach in ... (On-camera): I very much appreciate UCLA, the Confucius Institute to make this class. So, this is very good for your long life, health and relax and peace.


For more information, please visit UCLA's Confucius Institute.

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