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D. Revising the Standard Model of Physics

Narrator: This is Science Today. Recent research on subatomic particles called neutrinos may alter some of the most basic scientific theories. Physicist Kevin Lesko of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory worked on the experiments at Canada's Sudbury Neutrino Observatory. He says the results show that neutrinos change type as they travel from the sun to the earth.

Lesko: Previously we assumed the families were distinct, there was no oscillations or mixing between the families, and that they were all massless, and that what had gone into the Standard Model of physics, which has been around for the last thirty years.

Narrator: Particles other than neutrinos have been shown to mix, but these transformations did not contradict the predictions of the Standard Model.

Lesko: But the idea that we have mixing with neutrinos is brand new and requires that we do not an overhaul but an enhancement or an increasing inclusion of additional factors into the Standard Model. So it really is a fundamental change that has to be accommodated.

Narrator: For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.