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D. The Health Benefits of Drinking Beer in Moderation

Narrator: This is Science Today. By now, we've all heard that drinking red wine in moderation may be good for our health, but perhaps less known is the fact that beer offers the same type of heart-healthy benefits. Charles Bamforth, a brewing scientist at the University of California, Davis, says the equivalent of one to two pints of beer a day - along with a balanced diet and good lifestyle - provides the same healthy benefits as wine.

Bamforth: People often talk often about antioxidants when referring to red wine. Beer also contains phenolic, antioxidant materials. One of the most significant of these is something called ferulic acid, which comes from the barley. And we must remember that beer comes from nice wholesome materials like barley and malt. Nobody would deny that those are very important components of the diet.

Narrator: Beer is also rich in vitamins, including folic acid and calcium. But Bamforth warns that his study only refers to moderate consumption of beer.

Bamforth: Treat it responsibly and treat it with respect. There is nothing more stupid than drinking to excess in vast quantities of any type of alcoholic beverage.

Narrator: For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.