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About Science Today

Serving California Communities

Science Today is heard throughout much of California (including the University of California's nine established campuses) on two of the state's major metropolitan CBS/Westwood One radio affiliates: KCBS in the north and KNX in the south. KCBS, located in San Francisco, has approximately one million listeners and reaches all nine Bay Area counties. KNX, based in Los Angeles, has the largest radio news department in the western United States and covers all of southern California, attracting more than 1.5 million listeners a week.

Serving the Nation

Science Today also has a nationwide audience, airing on dozens of stations coast to coast, including regular time slots in major markets outside California: WTOP, in Washington D.C., WBBM in Chicago, WCBS in New York and WWJ in Detroit. Westwood One serves more than 7,500 radio stations, providing over 150 news, sports, music, talk, entertainment programs, features, live events and 24-hour formats.

Copyright Information
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