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E. The Exciting Field of Nanotechnology

Narrator: This is Science Today. The field of nanotechnology - the manipulation of materials and data at the atomic level - will enable a new generation of products that are smaller, lighter and more precise. Researcher Peidong Yang of the University of California, Berkeley says the field, which may sound intimidating to some, is moving ahead at a good pace.

Yang: Right now the public is getting a really good understanding of what nanotechnology means and government is supporting these big initiatives in these nanotechnologies. So, overall I think the investment in nanotech is fairly healthy at this moment - even with this economic downturn.

Narrator: But Yang says some of the predictions, including for tiny nanoscale robots being available within the next five to ten years, are a bit hyper.

Yang: I would say this nanoscale science technology will enable some smaller devices, no necessarily like nano robot or those tiny things we are talking about right now - that may take longer.

Narrator: For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.