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E. Training Paramedics to Safely Treat Seizures

Narrator: This is Science Today. Some city paramedics are trained to administer drugs to treat life-threatening seizures before patients arrive to the hospital. Doctor Brian Alldredge, a neurology professor at the University of California, San Francisco, recently found this practice to be safe and effective, and says with a little work, more paramedics can easily learn the emergency procedure.

Alldredge: The training involved in administering the medication is pretty basic. Most paramedics could learn that pretty quickly. The drugs themselves aren't very expensive, so in terms of overall cost, the primary cost would be training the paramedics to recognize these acute seizures and know when to intervene.

Narrator: And most paramedics, Alldredge says, are eager to learn the treatment.

Alldredge: Paramedics are very receptive. Paramedics are a group of people who like to intervene. They like to help people -- that's why they're out there driving through red lights through the city streets. It's because they want to get to the scene, they want to get there quickly, and they want to do something that's gonna help patients.

Narrator: For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.