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A. A WISE Approach Towards Teaching Science

Narrator: This is Science Today. Students can get "wise" to science with a curriculum called the Web-based Integrated Science Environment, otherwise known as WISE. Marcia Linn, a professor of education at the University of California, Berkeley, co-developed the WISE curriculum and says the program pioneers educational uses of the World Wide Web for middle and high school science instruction.

Linn: When we first started, we really just weren't sure how students ever made sense of science. We really looked at what's wrong with the way that the science curriculum is and how could we infuse technology effectively to improve the situation.

Narrator: WISE uses technology such as the Internet and software programs to get students to develop an in-depth understanding of fewer topics through visual representations, on-line discussions and critiques. Linn calls this the lifelong learning approach.

Linn: Our research suggests that the students who've had the lifelong learning curriculum are more successful on the topics that they've studied.

Narrator: For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.