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A. Disposable Hearing Aids Coming Soon . . .

Narrator: First, disposable contact lenses, now disposable hearing aids. This is Science Today. Dr. Robert Sweetow, director of the University of California, San Francisco Audiology Clinic, says these hearing aids, which will cost about forty dollars each, will soon hit the market. Sweetow has been comparing disposable hearing aids to conventional ones and says one of the advantages of disposable units is it ensures against becoming technologically obsolete.

Sweetow: With something like a disposable product where you're paying for what you're getting that month and that's it - then if next month a better disposable product comes out - hey, good - go to that.

Narrator: The disposable hearing aids will have seven different prescriptions and can be replaced when the battery dies - about forty days later. But Sweetow says some adjustments had to be made to this formerly one-size-fits all device.

Sweetow: Because we were getting so few people that it properly fit, it's now two sizes fits all. They've come out with an additional tip for it.

Narrator: Sweetow is currently conducting comparative studies of sound quality. For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.