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A. The Construction of a Global Data Storage System

Narrator:This is Science Today. Researchers are collaborating with industry partners, including IBM and Nortel, to develop an immense data storage system that's disaster and hacker-proof. John Kubiatowicz of the University of California, Berkeley, invented this storage system, which is called OceanStore, and says data would be available to users any time, anywhere.

Kubiatowicz: OceanStore is basically a large-scale storage utility for protecting data - targeting a very wide scale. So it's of interest here as potentially storing data from everyone in the world in one big utility. That's our goal.

Narrator: OceanStore would fragment data into encrypted pieces and store them on computers throughout the world, so if one system fails, that data is not lost.

Kubiatowicz: So these big companies see this as a future direction - what's kind of nice about in academia is we can think longer-term with the big picture in mind. And so we're actually looking at constructing an infrastructure that will in five or ten years, be what everybody wants rather than trying to get a product out tomorrow.

Narrator: For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.