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C. An Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Dry Cleaning

Narrator: This is Science Today. An environmentally friendly dry cleaning process using liquid carbon dioxide may provide a non-toxic solution to cleaning clothes. Researcher Craig Taylor of the Los Alamos National Laboratory says liquid CO2 can eliminate the current use of perchloroethylene, which is a suspect carcinogen.

Taylor: Wearing suspect carcinogens against your skin is a scary thought for most people and that's why most people, when they take their dry cleaning home, they hang it in the closet for a couple weeks to let the rest of the perchloroethylene evaporate off before they wear it.

Narrator:Taylor says clothes treated with CO2 emerge dry, cool and wrinkled - within minutes, however, the clothes reabsorb moisture from the air and become wrinkle-free.

Taylor:For the dry cleaner, it also eliminates a lot of the treatment that they have to do after a lot of the pressing steps. And things like that are going to be much easier for them.

Narrator: Such solutions are currently available, but not yet widely used. For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.