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E. What Couples Should Know About Fertility

Narrator: This is Science Today. About 15 percent of American couples have trouble conceiving a child. According to male fertility specialist Paul Turek of the University of California, San Francisco, about 40 percent of the problem is male related and since it's sometimes easily correctable, Turek says it's important for a man to see a specialist.

Turek: : It's just as important that the man go see someone who knows a lot about him as the woman goes to see someone who knows a lot about her. Now women tend to be more proactive about it, take care of themselves better medically. Men sort of have a cultural problem because they have to work hard and have to make money and they can't be weak or ill because then things will fall apart, supposedly .

Narrator: But Turek says about one out of five men don't know the proper techniques of conceiving a child, so simple counseling can greatly help.

Turek: What kinds of lubricants do you use, avoiding hot tubs, all things in moderation. Keeping healthy overall, exercising, you know eating a good diet makes good reproductive sense, too. A healthy body is a healthy reproductive body.

Narrator: For Science Today, I'm Larissa Branin.